Tour No.01001

Traditional Japanese culture tour  


Plan details and schedule

Day trip
10:00 ~ 16:00

Visit the rice-malt shop to learn about the production process of rice-malt and buy rice-malt to make the sweet sake.

1.  Visit the  rice-malt shop

Drive to the vegetable farm  of the local farmer and pick some seasonal vegetables.

​2.  Pick the freshest seasonal vegetables

For example: try to cook the "Mediterranean WA Food" main dish.

Japanese sweet sake: It has a long history  can be traced back to 1500 years is mainly made from rice-malt.It is rich in vitamin B group, folic acid, dietary fiber, amino acid and glucose. It can prevent heatstroke in summer and cold in winter.

3.  Cook with vegetable nutritionists and make Japanese sweet sake.

Inclouding the main dish you made and side dishes ,soup,and rice.Everything is carefully designed to make the food  more delicious and nutritious.

4.  Enjoy a delicious lunch.

Harajiri waterfall was formed when the Aso volcano erupted 90,000 years ago. It is 120 meters wide and 20 meters high.

5.  Go to see Harajiri waterfall

The brewery was founded in 1889 to make sake. The sake  here is made from home-grown rice and high-quality water.Each bottle of sake is handmade, and the taste of the sake is refreshing and delicious. We also have the opportunity to enjoy Japanese sake and sake cake in the sake café.

6.  Visit the old Japanese sake shop








2〜6persons are reservable


One person: 8,800 yen

Child price (3 to 12 years old): 8,000 yen



Round-trip transportation fee based on schedule, lunch fee, tour fee, alcohol consumption of alcoholic beverages, interpreter guide

Not including:

Personal expenses (Sake drinking fee etc, souvenir fee, transportation expenses from hotel  to meeting place)


Place: Bungo Ono JR station

Time:       AM 9:50〜16:00

[Cancellation Policy]

Between 10- 8 days before tour date:20%

Between 7- 2 days before tour date: 30%

Day before : 40%

Day off : 50%

No show cancellation : 100%


practicable dates

Please feel free to ask us.


Booking deadline

before 13:00, 1 days prior to the tour.


Payment method

Bank remittance

Within a week of reservation

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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